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Vastu is integral to a happy and prosperous life. Mr. Rajiv Bagaria, a Vastu Analyst, has more than a decade experience of correcting vastu of architecture structures for home, office, factories and other commercial structures. Clients do not have to incur any costly demolition for making their structures Vastu proof. Consult and bestow your life with good luck!

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Vastu in Architecture

Vastu is the science of architecture that combines the five elements of nature and other cosmic influences to create a conducive atmosphere for living and work, enhance health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. This ancient science dates back to 6000 BCE and 3000 BCE. Vastu Shastra principles are prominent in the design of various Hindu Temples, layouts of ancient cities, towns, houses, roads, gardens, shops and public areas.

Vastu has an impact on the lives of human beings. It helps in achieving comfort, good health, harmony and finance. Vastu also has various psychological benefits like improving relationships, upgrading health and reducing stress. Imbalance in the vastu, disturbs harmony and results in unhappy situations. The whole human body is built on the principles of vastu, if any of these elements are imbalanced the human body also gets disbalanced.

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Share concerns about your home, office, factory or shop structure and I will suggest different vastu tips to assure harmony.

Get our Vastu Shankha Yantras to correct the vastu dosh without demolition of any architectural structure. Shankha in order of their powers.


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